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upcoming denver food truck events

Want Your event on our Calendar? So do we!

Celebrating 10 years of defining who we are!

A gourmet Denver food truck born on the beaches of Santa Barbara in 2010. California Wrap Runner is proud to bring the freshest flavors of Southern California to Colorado. We believe in eating well and playing hard, and we’ve heard that Colorado knows how to take the party outdoors. We combine the fresh flavor of SoCal with Colorado’s freshest and local ingredients at the events you enjoy most. The perfect go-to meal for the on the go, eat while you walk, savor while you mingle, devour while you explore moments you find in everyday Colorado. It’s no secret, that’s exactly why we crafted these unique burrito-looking, two-handed behemoths! Whether it’s your first or hundredth time sinking your teeth into one of our famous wraps, certainly the sensation is exactly the same. Homemade sauces, locally sourced fresh produce, and savory meats perfectly balanced all the way to the last bite you thought you couldn’t get to.
You’ll typically find us following the local music festival scene or parked outside corporate buildings. No matter the location, you can guarantee we’ll be serving up a fresh and tasty meal. We attend all of the major Food Truck events in and around the Denver Metro area. We have two of the biggest and flashiest red and green trucks around, therefore we’re a hard to miss treat for a quick, deliciously savory lunch. About us

Corporate catering. We make it fun!​

Corporate lunches are our bread and bu… tortillas and sauce! Got a budget? No Problem! Whether you have ten people to feed or a couple thousand, we have systems in place to handle it! Our operations are streamlined and our staff is trained to handle many different catering scenarios.

There are numerous ways you can host one of our famous Denver Food Trucks at your corporate campus. One of our favorite options is a company hosted picnic where the host pays for the meals. Per person costs are in the $10 range and we simply bill you per person. Another option is for your staff to pay for their own meals, similarly easy for us to accommodate. The third option is a hybrid of the two and has become one of our most popular offerings. Subsidized catering offers flexibility, cost control, without sacrificing employee gratification. Typical corporate subsidies are in the $3-$5 per person range which offers staff an affordable and fun lunch with support from their employer while keeping costs low.

Were around to help you figure out your next event , Just  reach out!

Our food truck menu is the definition of fresh!

We’ve harnessed the fresh taste of Southern California. We only use the freshest and healthiest ingredients available! All of our produce is sourced locally and is fresh and crisp. Our sauces are homemade from scratch meaning we can pronounce every ingredient you’ll devour. Likewise if you have some food allergies, our team is very knowledgeable. The person you order your food from is likely the person that made our sauces from scratch. The bar has been raised when it comes to a great, healthy and satisfying lunch. Our wraps are designed to be eaten on-the-go so don’t worry about where you can enjoy them!

Click the links to download a pdf version of our menus or  click here to visit our online menu.


Denver's best food trucks

With the most experience and the freshest food it’s no wonder we’re one of Denver’s best food truck operations. No matter the size or style of your event – we bring the flavor and expertise that will always impress your guests. From corporate functions to backyard shindigs, we will go the extra mile to cater to all of your food and beverage needs. Click here to schedule one of our trucks for your next event!

Strength in partnerships

Our partners are dear to our hearts. Our food truck event organizers help fill in the gaps between private events.