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We are currently seeking energetic help for multiple positions! Are you a full of energy character that loves making people laugh? Do you inspire smiles around you? Can you work long hours at fun events? Can you decipher drunken orders? Does your left foot tap while your right hand stirs to the beat?

If your answers are YES, YES, YESSS!! Then we definitely want to chat!

We’re team players and we all wear a lot of hats. Some of those hats may include:

  • Helping hungry people order food
  • Chopping fresh veggies
  • Crafting homemade sauces
  • Following top-secret recipes
  • Upselling
  • Collecting money and giving correct change
  • Making huge tips
  • Wrapping Wraps (Not to be confused with rapping rappers)
  • Keeping our super awesome fans in the know through social media
  • Delivering super delicious wraps to hungry peeps
  • Making dirty things sparkle
  • Setting up catering spreads
  • Driving big trucks


Please fill out the form below, and remember: There are mostly no “correct” answers!