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California Wrap Runner began its journey in downtown Santa Barbara, California. Originally a small lunch delivery business catering to the one mile radius known as downtown. With a small kitchen nestled inside a local car wash, food would be crafted and quickly delivered via bicycle.

Santa Barbara’s strict city covenants and unwillingness to help small businesses grow ultimately made the decision to move the business imminent. While exploring culinary towns across California, it quickly became evident that large cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco were already saturated in healthy lunch options and were not viable locations for our newly founded business. With our findings we expanded our search to other health-conscious outdoor lifestyle cities including Seattle, Charlotte, Portland, and Denver. Ultimately, Denver seemed the best fit for start-ups and for our healthy wraps.

Transitioning from a small town to a large bustling city meant making some tweaks to our business model. While considering factors like delivery and catering to and around metro Denver, it was clear that our little bicycle delivery operation wouldn’t cut it. We needed a larger scale delivery model to cater to the limitless corporate lunch crowd. It was at this time we realized the only way to cater high volume lunches around Denver without a network of kitchens and delivery staff was to launch our first food truck.

Our success was nearly instant. It was clear that what Denver wanted was a quick and easy healthy lunch they could easily carry around while enjoying the freedom of their office. With sales doubling year after year after year, we constructed a second food truck to fulfill demand. Landing large contracts with venues such as Fiddler’s Green, The Pepsi Center, and Aramark Concessions was a tribute to the success we were experiencing. And while we gained popularity and recognition our corporate catering orders increased significantly and followed suit. Frequently getting orders for 500+ people at lunch hour raised a new bar and more hurdles for our catering business. As we were operating our trucks out of a small shared kitchen, finding the space to construct these large orders was incredibly challenging. Next, we needed SPACE!

As 2017 comes to a wintery end and our food truck business caters its final events for the season, the next and most anticipated phase of our business begins to take shape. As a popular food truck purveyor at the University of Colorado Anschutz, discussions began to develop around a new concept of catering to a large campus from within. Going back to our roots of healthy food delivered quickly to a one-mile radius seemed serendipitous. In our search for our first brick-and-mortar in Denver, we had some demanding criteria to fulfill and the university seemed to tick every box. We needed a kitchen large enough to supply two busy food trucks, front counter sales, and a large scale catering business. We also needed the location with nearly 30,000 people to grant us the exposure we needed to help grow our business.

Our new location is giving us the opportunity to try new things and reach more people. We hope that in our efforts we will inspire more to eat great and play hard.